One Last Weekend Road Trip  

Sunday, October 19, 2008

October 2008: 8 months into pregnancy

I just got back from Austin, visiting family and had a blast. My sister and I desperately wanted to make it down there to see our cousin Molly, who has been very busy the last few years building an impressive resume in her career as a kitchen manager/ chef by traveling to fun places like Alaska and New Zealand. She has returned home for the holidays so we planned to visit, but sadly our schedules are conflicting and the only weekend I can make it down there just so happens to be a weekend she had an out of town job interview :o( We decided to go ahead and make the trip because by the time my weekend schedule clears it puts me very close to my due date, makes it risky for travel. Anyway, we had a wonderful time hanging out with my uncle, my dad and his other half Andrea. We even got to visit with my other cousin Sally, her husband Justin, and sweet little baby girl Annie on the last day of our trip. None of us took any pics of the trip, so I can't post any photographic updates this time around, but we still had an amazing time!

I have to say the highlight of the trip was when my sister was shaking my baby bump trying to get Bailey to wake up. My Dad freaked out at the sight and couldn't believe his eyes which cracked me up and then on top of that their was Andrea's funny moment. She politely asked if I minded if she felt for the baby, which I of course didn't. And gently placed her hand upon my stomach close to Candi's. At that exact moment Bailey kicked and Andrea jumped back with a look of horror on her face, completely grossed out LOL. She commented "ewww something's living in there!" LMAO! I guess she wasn't fully prepared for that kodak moment, but it was then when I realized why her and my Dad are so perfect for eachother. It was priceless.

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