In the Making of Christmas Cards  

Monday, December 13, 2010

I set us up with Portrait Innovations to get our pictures done for Christmas cards this year.  I have decided after this experience that I will not do studio photos again.  Or at least not for a while.  Not because I didn't have some cute pics to choose from, but because of the following reasons:  Even though we had an appointment we still had to wait on a studio room to become available... my 2 yr old was in good spirits upon arrival but by the time we finally had our studio she was in mid tantrum,  she desperately wanted to play with the other children getting their photos taken... which is not appropriate when they are in the middle of a shoot, the location we went to was in West Plano and there were way too many uptight snooty Plano Moms in there that were hard to ignore, but really the biggest let down was that they didn't have an option for me to just buy the disc so that I don't have to purchase a million of the same image... I mean really who wants so many of the same photo???  Makes me think I should have my own studio room with cool lighting... how do I get one of those I wonder??  The cutest image was of a santa hand holding a plate of milk and cookies with Bailey in her xmas pjs reaching for them and looking up as if she was actually looking at Santa so that is the one that I have 40 prints of.  But I also ordered xmas cards from them that have three images... the one I just mentioned, one of her crying because that is how the photo shoot went and it made me laugh, and one of our family where Bailey is looking super happy, John is looking cute and I, well I just look extra fat in the face because I was in an awkward pose and trying to see around Bailey so it brought out an extra chin... nice.  But the whole point of dragging us all down to the studio was to get a descent family photo...  I should have just had Candi do it!  Want to see them???  You'll just have to wait until they arrive in your mailbox :) 

We got home and I felt like Bailey needed some good creative fun for being dragged through that process.  So I set her up with some of the leftover craft paints from her Olivia party and some card stock in her high chair to make some one of a kind Bailey hand painted Christmas cards.  And I snapped some photos but she didn't mind this time because she was a busy little B painting away!

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