Summer Birthdays  

Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 2010

Bailey has been invited to three birthday party's this summer.  Last month we celebrated Miss Ava (Bree's oldest daughter) turning 4.  Ava is a great big sister and is so cute and gentle when she plays with Bailey.  We adore her!  Bailey was introduced to a slip and slide at Ava's birthday party and LOVED it!  She is too young to run and flop belly first down the slide like the bigger kids, what she loved about it was the little pool at the end and the sprinkling water.  I should have bought her some sort of water toy for the backyard but I guess I didn't think about it because I take her to the pool to play with her cousins all of the time.  For sure next summer!

and then this last weekend we celebrated Miss Alex turning 2, her mommy Ashley and I were preggos together.  Alex is super tall so she is outgrowing all of her clothes fast, her mommy was kind enough to pass down 4 boxes of clothes and shoes and jackets to Bailey!  Bailey is showing signs of being a girly girl, totally loves shoes and purses and dresses, but mostly shoes.  When Ashley brought over 6 pairs of new shoes to Bailey, she couldn't have been more excited.  She is constantly waiving her new shoes at us and asking for us to help her put them on... did I mention constantly?? LOL.  Alex's party was held at the Little Gym, which is exactly what it sounds like.  They had squishy mats, things to climb on, a host to make them do donkey kicks and tumbles, and songs, hula hoops, bouncy balls, and bubbles.  I am considering signing Bailey up for some classes with Alex some time because she had a wonderful time.

And this month we have Miss Colbi, Bree's youngest daughter, turning 3!!

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