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Monday, March 8, 2010

March 2010: 15 months old

John has been on vacation this week. He hasn't had a vacation since last year's Super Bowl. We have had tons of things that were on the to do list for the house, and were able to knock out quite a bit of them while he was off! We got our garage door opener installed, the shower curtain rod to Bailey's bathroom hung, a peep hole installed in our front door, garage cleaned out, and painted two rooms. The first one we did was the breakfast room. I picked orange... don't judge me. Ok, so I know orange is an either love it or hate it kind of color, but I don't care, it's my house and both John and I think it rocks so we went with it. It'll be a little while before we get to dress it up with a new table and curtains and blah blah blah, but I'll show you a teaser pic so you can get the idea.

The other room we tackled was Bailey's nursery! I chose gray to go along with her black, white, yellow color theme. I hand painted tall white birch trees as a feature wall that her crib is against. I got the idea from some decals that I saw online, however the set of decals cost $80 so I decided to try to get the same effect myself with painters tape and white paint. I have heard the trick is to paint over your tape lines with clear glaze before you start painting to seal it off so the lines stay crisp... clear glaze was $16, I substituted for a clear top coat for faux finishes for $6 and it actually worked the same. So I got an $80 dollar look for under $20. I am also planning on adding three little yellow birds to the wall, but I didn't get that far yet. And I need another can of gray paint for touch ups, and to cut in closer to the ceiling, I did what I could to make the other can stretch.

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