Christmas 2009  

Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 2009: 13 months old

We did our first round of Christmas at my Mom's house on Christmas Eve. John had opened that morning and it had been snowing all day so by the time he came home it was freezing with brutally cold winds. We rushed to get ready and the car all loaded up, but in the midst of all the craziness I left my camera at home BOO! I was bummed when I got there and realized it didn't make it. It turned out that I probably wouldn't have been able to take pics effectively anyways because little Bailey was everywhere and it was all very chaotic, but she was so adorable in her cute little Christmas dress and red tights that I will still have to do a mini photo session! My mom's big gift to Bailey was a much needed high chair from Fisher Price's Zen collection. This high chair is way cool and modern, looks like a real piece of furniture. She also got her a huge basket filled with Beanie Babies, a Zhu Zhu pet hamster so her and Bella can play with them together, and what seemed to be her favorite FurReal infant puppy and kitten she kissed on them all night and my favorite toy that she got Bailey was a Teddy Ruxpin! I used to have him when I was little and loved it a whole lot! I think Maple Town and Teddy Ruxpin were my most prized possessions as a kid. Apparently they put him back on the market, smaller and using cartridges instead of cassettes. Bailey lit up when he started talking to her and blinking at her. So cute! And I fully intend to get her some Maple Town animals either next Christmas or the one after, they are kinda like the vintage littlest pet shops.
On Christmas morning Bailey was a lot of fun with the presents. It was hard to keep her focused on the task of unwrapping so of course we had to help with most of it, but she was loving all of her toys! She would explore them with hands and feet, roll around with them, sit on them, kiss them, throw them over her head... it was great :)
She threw her arms up in the air and flew over backwards LOL
Rolling around with her new Legos

on to Andrea and Grand Dad's gifts!
BIGGEST. Board Book. Ever. SO COOL!
and finally our big Santa gift was the Little People Nativity set! She was so excited to see those little faces under the wrapping paper. And the box was super fun with the mystery hole in the front OOOoooo!

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