Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 2010:  16 months old

Everyday I am noticing more and more words that Bailey is saying in the right context and everything.  It amazes me at how much of our language she actually understands.  I find myself becoming more excited to explain things to her in the best way that I can because now I know she is actually starting to get it.  I find her little munchkin voice adorable!  And I have noticed that the more she hangs out with Ian the more motivated she becomes to do the things that 3 year olds can do ie. walking, playing in the grass, drinking milk (only if it's from his sippy cups), exploring her toys in the same way he does, and some of his phrases.  I think he makes everything fun and interesting to her.  So far the things she says are:

  • Duck quack quack
  • Dog ruff ruff
  • Bella, Momma, Dadda
  • Look!  What's that?
  • Night night
  • Bye Bye
  • Hello / Hi
  • Yeah
  • Stop / Stop that
  • Whoa!!
  • Wow!
  • What?
  • No
  • Ball
  • Book
  • Juice
  • On / Off
  • Up
  • Here you go
  • Yay!!
  • Ut-oh!
  • and her yummy noises:  MMmmmmm mmmmMMMMmmm MMMmmm  (I guess that's not really vocabulary, but it means something and it cracks me up!)
Every few days I can hear something new in her ramblings that is actual English.  Right now my favorite is when she throws something like her ball or a toy and then say "Whoa!" like it was so unexpected and exciting to see how far it went.

The other day John misplaced his keys and he was running around frantic trying to find them so that he wouldn't be late to work.  He kept rushing back and forth talking about his keys and asking where they were.  Right behind him Bailey would be trying to keep up with his pace as she waved her toy keys at him.  LOL such a good little helper :D

I have also noticed that she uses her hand signs to sing along with songs like Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, and she claps in the right parts for if You're Happy and you Know It.... I am not sure if that is considered sign language but it sure is cute!     

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Taste of Wylie  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday I had one of those rare moments where the planets and the stars aligned just right to allow both my bf and I to escape from the house for a couple of hours w/o being on Mommy duty to go to the Taste of Wylie. This is a community fundraising event that all of the local restaurants participate in to let the locals sample food from their restaurants, grocery stores and bakeries and to hand out coupons to capture some new business. They also do tons of raffle items for photography, flower arrangements, electronics, quilts and other random handmade products. But lets be honest we didn't go for the raffles, we went mainly to try some new foods and to get out of the house for a bit. I considered bringing my camera, but for one I wasn't sure how busy and crazy this even would be (which it was pretty packed) and for two we were on a time limit because John had an evening shift to run off to after we returned. I can say that it was fun trying out some of the local business since John and I are new to the area, but mostly the enjoyment was getting some me time with a buddy. No worries for Bailey though, she had a play date right after so she had her fun too. And props to the new ride for making this all possible ;) 

Afterwords I made an attempt to weed our backyard.  When we moved in part of our contract was for the builders to include sod throughout the property because the backyard is huge and it would have been pretty pricey for us to do it on our own.  To lay sod properly you are supposed to kill off all of the weeds and field grass a week prior to laying the new grass.  You are also supposed to till and level the ground, and I am sure their are other steps, but these seem to be the main ones.  I guess the builder just gets the cheapest of the cheap lawn services to do these things, because all they did was lay the sod directly over the pre-existing field grass.  We moved in in Fall so we had no idea what was in store for us come spring time.  Yikes!  Crab grass is taking over the backyard!  We mow the lawn and within a week the grab grass patches sprout up past the ankles.  I hate how untidy it makes everything look.  We have had two weed treatments done to our lawn, but I have yet to see any real difference.  So my friend and I sat down and started pulling.  Seriously I need like 15 people to do this with me and with that we might be able to do it in a couple of hours.  But that is not likely to every happen.  I do have to admit that yanking out those nasty weeds are pretty therapeutic and a great way to build up some arm muscles!  So I guess I will take it one chunk at a time and hope to contain the outbreak of field grasses.  Unless anybody out their knows of a great treatment to get rid of this mess!   

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have only had one car my whole driving life. A 95 Nissan Altima. And most of that driving life both the speedometer and the ac have not worked which has been slightly miserable. I put a lot of money into that vehicle with repairs and such to get it to last me as long as it did, but eventually the transmission started to bow out gracefully. My credit was shot early in life so it was never an option for me to buy a car even though eventually I made enough money to support a car payment. At the time John had just purchased his own vehicle so he was not approved to have another until that note was paid down. I started to become unreliable at work with the ride situation so I quit my job until the time came where we could figure out a more reliable means of transportation for myself. Not too long after that Bailey happened. We got serious about the finances, paid his car note down, fixed the credit, got a house. New home buyers' tax credit has made the wait for a new, reliable, safe vehicle finally come to an end! Bailey and I are free to roam the Dallas Metro and take road trips whenever we want to!! I fell in love with the new Ford Edge crossover vehicles because they have everything I could possibly want in a car, great on gas for an SUV type of vehicle, and since it's domestic the repairs will be cheaper once it starts getting older. It's leather, with seat heat, dual climate zones, dual moon roofs, 5 disc CD changer, and lots of backseat space for B! The backseat will fold down flat for an 8 foot loading zone for our giant cakes hahaha. I love it so much I could hug it! Being in a house has made being with out a car less of a drag, but for 3 years it has paid it's toll on me. I can't even begin to tell you the excitement I feel and the relief I have over this. Thank you God for blessing our family!!!!

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For Juli Moon  

Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 2010: 16 months old

My sister Juli, passed away April 6, 2005 from a brain cancer called Nueroblastoma. Juli battled this cancer most of her life, but she always kept a smile on her face and her witty sense of humor about life. So many things in life remind me of her humor that it makes it easy to smile whenever my mind wanders off and finds her. Certain songs, tons of movies... especially Wayne's World, and all things pig related. Juli adored pigs sooooo much, and every Christmas or birthday we were always able to find at least one random pig item to gift her. I can only imagine what her collection must have looked like! When she passed in April, my sister Candi along with some of her sewing friends, created a line of custom pig clothing in memory of her. My Mom's boss purchased a pair of overalls for her little girl made by Candi's friend Candi (confusing I know LOL), and then once she outgrew them sent them back our way for Bailey. This April marks the five year anniversary of her passing and it only seemed fitting to dress Bailey in her piggy overalls as much as possible this April. I find it so incredibly special that they made their way back to us.

So Juli, here's to you! I hope you know you are always in our hearts, our smiles, and our memories. Knowing you and being a part of your story has made me a stronger person. You have been a positive role model to the people in your life in ways that you can't imagine and will continue to be long after your death. We love you sis!

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Bailey Toon  

Saturday, April 10, 2010

One of my bff's, Barbara (who's getting married!!!) created this little Bailey toon :D I am so excited for her and her fiance, Jedidiah. Barbara is one of my girls that I have know since High School. No matter how much distance is between us or how much time has passed we can still pick up right where we left off, giggle about stupid things, cry on each other's shoulders, tell each other things we shouldn't, be ourselves 100% and never have any awkwardness. This girl is so funny, she can bring me to tears (in laughter) at any moment... we got in trouble in class many times because of this! She is so intelligent and beautiful and kind hearted. I couldn't be more happy for her that she has found her soul mate and her happily ever after. Congrats Barbara!!!!

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Easter 2010  

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 2010: 16 months old

As promised the Easter post hehe. I know everyone was at the edge of their seats waiting ;P

This was the first year Bailey has been big enough to enjoy Easter. We got to host Easter at our house this year so I stayed up late the night before cleaning the house, stuffing eggs, and making Easter goody baskets for everyone. My mom brought over our traditional Easter breakfast casserole, fruit and dip, coffee cake and deviled eggs. mmmm yummy! Bailey slept through everyone arriving, and when she finally woke up she was totally shocked to see everyone here to greet her and give her prizes.

My sister brought her an egg that shouts "I'm over here!" "Come find me" and all sorts of cuteness, and when you open it up there is a little animal inside that says "you found me!!!!" Bailey carried that thing around with her most of the morning. When the Easter bunny hid the eggs for her and her cousins to find he made some Bailey friendly eggs filled with gummy snacks and animal cookies that he hid on our patio so she wouldn't have to walk on that scary grass. The rest were filled with all sorts of yummies and strewn across our quarter acre lot for
Bella and Skylar to race after.

Bailey didn't so much hunt the eggs and put them in her basket. She opened the first couple and ate the snacks inside and then started to throw them off the patio into the grass. She likes to throw things these days. Oh well, whatever makes her happy. She may get the concept a little more next year maybe. All in all it was a good day with the family. After everyone left it was nap time, so we all just kinda kicked back and relaxed the rest of the day, and planned our trip for the Arboretum the following day.

Bailey throwing her Easter snacks overboard

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Backyards Rule  

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 2010: 16 months old

I love having a backyard. I forgot how great they can be. I think I took them for granted as a kid, and now that it's been 10 years since I last lived some where that offered me a backyard, I have grown a whole new appreciation for them. Ours is huge. We don't have any playground equipment, or a pool, or even trees, but it is big full of grass and fenced and that is awesome when you have a tot. I hope that some day we will have the opportunity to do more with what we have, but for now and at her age this is perfect. Bailey's best friend Ian came over to play today, along with his mommy, my bf. We took the kids outside to run around in back and play ball. Normally Bailey doesn't want anything to do with the grass, but she saw Ian running around and needed to be near him so she overcame her fears. And at this moment it made me fully appreciate what a yard has to offer. It's a safe place. A place that offers total peace of mind. No cars to worry about. No strange animals or dogs w/o leashes. No strangers to keep my eye on. Just me and my baby, and whoever else comes to play. And John loves to spend time tossing the football with his nephew, Skylar, or his buddies that come over, looks like he'll have two new little football buddies ;P

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Monday, April 5, 2010

These are just a few photos that capture a little bit of the beauty at the Arboretum... makes me want to hire a landscaper.

On each aisle to park is a tree, and we parked right next to ours at the end of the row. I was looking at the trunk to see the aisle number and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because the bark appeared to be moving. I looked closer and saw hundreds of caterpillars climbing up the trunk. It was kinda neat, kinda creepy all at once, but I had to take pics.
Caterpillar army

Tulips everywhere!!

The park was filled with the smells of Spring

Beautiful Japanese Maples, my favorite trees

And a few of the many waterscapes

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Flower Festival  

April 2010: 16 months old

I will post Easter pics later. I've got to do things a little backwards because my camera was not charged up for some reason on Easter morning. I left the photography up to my sister, which will probably be better than the pics that I would have taken anyway. Waiting for her to make edits and post them, and then I can blog about our wonderful Easter Sunday hosted at our house.

Today, being Monday, John was off so we took this opportunity to go to the Spring Flower Festival at the Dallas Arboretum. This was the place that my friend, Holly, and her son, Ian, took Bailey and I to in Fall for the pumpkin Fest. It was absolutely beautiful! And though Fall holds the biggest place in my heart, the Arboretum this time of year makes Spring a close contender.

Six months ago when we took Bailey to see the pumpkins she was still just cruising. But now she is walking, so it made it even more entertaining, and at times slightly challenging. She loved the flowers and the waterscapes. She refuses to walk in grass, but tried it out a little at the Arboretum because it is soft and green and beautiful. I would say she tolerated the grass, I didn't see the usual fear come across her face, but I also didn't see delight about it. I wish we could have made it out there a little earlier in the morning because they had photos with live bunnies, and a petting zoo that we missed out on. Oh well, maybe next time.

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